NEA Smoke Free Zone launch publicity

Creating awareness of Orchard Road precinct’s transformation of Orchard Road into a smoke-free zone.

From 1 January 2019, public areas within the Orchard Road precinct was designated as a No Smoking Zone (NSZ) where smoking will only be allowed at the Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs).

We were commissioned by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to ramp up communications and publicity on the NSZ to raise awareness about the smoking prohibition. This included turning around quickly with an effective integrated advertising campaign on various Out-of-Home touchpoints (Buses, Train Stations, Bus Stop Shelters, Ambient) as well as Digital (Location-specific mobile banners) to extend the campaign reach to the general public.

The project also included creating offline communications for Community Volunteers in their engagement with the public within the precinct like brochures listing the locations of DSAs are made available at shopping malls and point-of-sales of tobacco products. Stickers and signages were also erected at lamp posts and bins with the support of the Orchard Road Business Association and Government agencies, as well as owners and management of building premises in the Orchard Road precinct. To keep foreign visitors informed of the No Smoking Zone, we also developed publicity materials displayed at the points of entry such as Changi Airport, Singapore Cruise Centre and Marina Bay Cruise Centre to alert inbound travellers about the smoking prohibition in Singapore’s most iconic street.

  • January 31, 2019