IMDA Digital Inclusion & National Silver Infocomm

To better showcase Singapore’s media content, companies and talent through print and digital marketing collaterals

Digital has become an integral aspect of Singapore’s progression as a smart nation. The challenge was to reach out to senior citizens, low-income families and people with disabilities, and get them onboard the digital bandwagon in a positive way.

We profiled the beneficiaries who have been empowered with ICT skills and produced a video and photo series that told their stories. We also created elderly-friendly materials with unique design considerations like using larger typefaces (up from average 10 point font to 12 points),  removing words in all caps, enhancing contrast in the text by minimising placement over images and graphic elements, and carefully increasing the leading in our text content for easier reading. These materials were used at various engagement events and activities.

  • June 18, 2018